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Jean Nuzzi IS 109 Student & Parent Handbook

 Parent Handbook 

Please download our parent handbook.

Please fill out the Parent Signature Form to indicates that you have read and understood the expectations, policies, and procedures in the handbook. 

Lunch Forms

You do not need to apply for your child to receive meals. However, we do ask families to complete Family Income Inquiry Form which helps schools receive money for their programs. Your school will send a copy of this form home with your child, or you can get it from your school’s main office.

Blue Card Emergency Contact Information

To all Parents/Guardians:

Emergency Blue Cards are given out each year to students to be filled out by you and sent back to the school. Blue cards are to be updated YEARLY.

It is extremely important that the school has the current, correct information for contacting parents or guardians at all times - especially during the school day. It is the responsibility of Parent/Guardian to see that the Blue Emergency Contact Card, which is kept on file in the main office, is completely filled out and accurate. Please notify the school in writing of any changes that may occur, so that we can update official Department of Education forms and databases.

To complete this form you have two versions and instructions on how to fill it out is below:

  1. A digital blue card form: open the form on your device and fill out the information then hit submit.

  2. PDF Versions: Open and download the PDF document, it should download as a fillable PDF form so you can type the information in there. 

  3. Please send completed form to the AP in charge of your grade. We will provide additional instruction if this changes,

If your child becomes ill or it is necessary to close school early due to an unforeseen emergency, we will use the Blue Emergency Card contact information to contact you. It is extremely important that we have ALL CURRENT phone numbers written clearly on the cards.

If you have family members or friends listed as emergency contacts please be sure that those adults you list on the Emergency Card know that they have been listed; and they are 18 years of age or older. Any such individual must be prepared to show proper identification before the child is can be released.

For the safety of YOUR CHILD we will NOT release the child to anyone that is NOT indicated on the Emergency Blue Card.

If there is a significant change (i.e. an address or name change) please contact Ms. Kirkland, ( @ (718) 465 -0651 x2122 to have this information updated in the NYC department of Education database. You will need to bring in proof of address for any address changes.

Thank you for your cooperation,